How CPG Brands are Influencing the Craft Cocktail Trend in Bars

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The beverage industry has seen a seismic shift over the past few years, especially in bars where the craft cocktail trend has taken hold. At the center of this shift are Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands that are greatly influencing the drinks being served and the overall bar experience. This article seeks to explore this influence and provide a framework that local bars can use to capitalize on this trend.

The CPG Influence on the Craft Cocktail Trend

CPG brands, especially those in the beverage sector, have shown significant creativity and innovation in their offerings. From exotic flavors to attractive packaging and sustainable initiatives, these brands have tapped into consumer preferences that transcend simple quenching of thirst. Bars and pubs, in an attempt to stay current and appealing to their clientele, have started incorporating these elements into their craft cocktail menus, creating unique and immersive drinking experiences.

Some of these elements include artisanal mixers, organic syrups, and a variety of bitters which come from CPG brands and give cocktails that extra something that makes them ‘craft.’ Furthermore, sustainability, a strong selling point for many CPG products, has found its way into bars, with many opting for locally-sourced ingredients and recyclable or biodegradable materials.

A Framework for Local Bars

Understanding the influence of CPG brands on the craft cocktail trend is one thing; capitalizing on it is another. Here, we provide a simple, yet effective, four-step framework that local bars can use to leverage this trend:

  • Research & Understand
    • The first step in the process is understanding the current market trends in the CPG sector. This includes researching popular products, flavors, and packaging designs.
    • This will help you identify what consumers are attracted to and what they value in a product.
  • Source Locally
    • Tapping into local CPG brands not only promotes sustainability but also adds a sense of locality to your bar.
    • Consumers often appreciate supporting local businesses, and this could give your bar a competitive edge. Therefore, consider sourcing local artisanal mixers, beers, and wines.
  • Experiment & Innovate
    • Once you understand what consumers want and have sourced the necessary products, the next step is to experiment with different combinations.
    • Create craft cocktails that incorporate the flavors and elements of the CPG brands.
    • Don’t be afraid to innovate and create something unique to your bar.
  • Market Your Craft Cocktails
    • After you’ve created your craft cocktails, it’s time to market them. Highlight the CPG brands you’ve incorporated, emphasizing any unique selling points such as sustainability or locality.
    • Use social media, your bar’s website, and on-site advertising to get the word out.


The craft cocktail trend is here to stay, and CPG brands have a significant role to play in it. By understanding this influence and using the proposed framework, local bars can tap into this trend, attracting more customers and offering a unique drinking experience.

It’s time to embrace the future of the bar industry, where CPG brands and craft cocktails coexist in a harmonious and exciting blend, creating a new world of possibilities for local bars. And who knows? The next popular craft cocktail might just originate from your bar.

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